Nelson Intermediate provides a vast array of opportunities for students to engage in.  These areas include Leadership, Sport and Recreation, Cultural Activities and The Arts.

The intermediate years are a time  when students need to explore new opportunities and branch out in terms of their interests.

NIS provides opportunities through:

  • Camps in 2018 for all students - biennial (Year 8 Lake Rotoiti; Year 7 Totaranui)
  • Sports programmes and exchanges
  • Kapa Haka group
  • Pasifika group
  • In School Music
  • School Leaders
  • Specialist Teachers
  • Talents programme (Terms 2 & 3)
  • Speech competitions
  • Choir
  • Australian academic competitions
  • Nelsonmathix
  • Science Fair - biennial
  • Envirogroup - included KEG (kids edible garden)
  • Mountain bike club
  • Second language teaching
  •  Lit Quiz
  • The Ministry of Inspiration events for gifted and talented students