The Ministry of Education bus service is run through Nelson Coachlines.  The free bus service is primarily for students who live in Atawhai, Dodson Valley and Hira.  Students must live more than 3.2km from school.  If you live closer you may apply to use this bus but it is likely there will be a fee for this service.

To use the bus you must have filled in the request on your enrollment form or from a notice given to students. Students along with parents must also read and sign Bus Rules and Expectations which is given to students within the first 2 weeks of school, further copies are available from the office.  For the first 2 weeks of the year there is a grace period after which students MUST have a bus pass which is issued by the school. This pass will be sited by the drivers when they get on the bus in the morning and in the afternoon.

Nelson Intermediate Students who live 3.2 km from Nelson Intermediate School and in the Nelson City or Atawhai areas are able to take the bus to school for free.  Students must sign a code of conduct to receive their bus ticket.

Bus Routes


Bus departs Rest a While at 7.58am, picks up at Rayner Road and Hillcrest to Nelson Intermediate School.

Bus returns 3.20pm, bus stops at Todds Bush Road, The Glen, Hira (Rest a while), Rayner Road and Hillcrest.

The Glen

Bus Departs 7.50am.  All stops to Todds Bush Road on to Nelson Intermediate School.

This bus will not do a return from Intermediate to The Glen.  Students for the Glen travel on the Hira Bus.

City Boundary

Departs 8.25am, picks up Clifton Terrace, Marybank, St Peters Church, Dodsons Valley 4 Square to Nelson Intermediate School.

Returns 2.55pm

Tui Glen

Departs Tui Glen 8.25am, stops at Paramatta Street, Brooklands Road, Founders, Milton Chalets, Tory Street/Nile Cnr, Nelson Central School to Nelson Intermediate School.

Returns 2.55pm

On completion of the Code of conduct, a bus ticket will be issued to students.

Any questions please email Nelson Intermediate Bus coordinator Paul Melton on