Nelson Intermediate is focussed on creating a positive mauri ora (sense of wellbeing) for all students. Our professional practises, in all aspects of schooling, takes into account the students cultural identity and individual circumstances. Through the Whaia Te Aratika message students are encouraged to take responsibility for continually uplifting the mana of the school and each other.



Respect, foster and maintain relationships within the school and community.



We will strive to maintain a high degree of personal honour and ethical behaviour in all actions and decisions we make. 



Respect each other and all others in accordance with our NIS tikanga (appropriate action and process).



Work actively to protect the people, environment, knowledge, cultures, language and resources for future generations. 

Connected leaders, Supportive protectors

We are a school of opportunities, so whether your child loves sports, art, music or wants to explore more of their cultural heritage they have the support and encouragement to do so. Our learning programmes integrate all areas of the curriculum and are responsive to student interests and needs. As a school we engage with members of our wider community to provide advice, guidance and expertise to make our learning programmes authentic and meaningful for your children.